welcome to Manindi

You're welcome to the world of the purest essential oils!

Manindi is your one-stop-destination for some of the finest and purest forms of Herbal Products. Our products are the result of years of extensive research, and our commitment to delivering what our customers deserve- ONLY THE BEST!

Our Legacy

Exploring Mother Nature for more than 108 YEARS!

With a goal to become a globally recognized brand offering only the finest and the purest range of essential oils, and extracts, GR Herbals Pvt. Ltd. is known to go above and beyond customer's expectations with its quality products. We have been supplying our range of essential oils to some of the most recognizable brands, chances are you have already used some of our products.

From being a B2B supplier for more than a century, now we have come up with our own brand- Manindi with the goal to make our products reach the consumers directly!

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities and streamlined processes allow us to do our best. And, we ensure to reflect that in the quality of products we have to offer!

Our products are the outcome of 100% ingredient purity, completely natural, and safe to use! That's what separates us from the rest in the same domain.

The alluring nature has some deepest secrets mankind is trying to reveal for centuries, some of them have been figured out and are found to be helpful in physical, mental, and spiritual healing. And, that's what Manindi is indulged in for more than a century, studying and understanding nature, and coming up with some of the finest, purest products that benefit humans in plenty of ways.

We're Thankful to Mother Nature as well as our ancestors, making us stand proudly behind the finest quality of products!

Our Vision

Our vision is simple, and that is to become a leading and recognizable provider of only the purest essential oils that help mankind in many ways. And, we chase this vision by working restlessly and with an unwavering commitment to delivering the best products and services to our customers.

We have implemented sustainable organic manufacturing processes that protect, honor and support Mother Nature. And, we work to set unparalleled quality standards, making our customers shop with total confidence.

Our Mission

We get immense pleasure when our customers believe in us, get results beyond expectations using our products, and feel delighted.

This is where our mission lies, winning and retaining our customer's trust, delivering unparalleled quality of products and services, and providing our customers with delightful experiences. We are aware of the fact that we can do this only by delivering the best, and never compromising with quality- that's what we do day in and day out!